The site has been designated as a Wildlife friendly habitat by the US National Wildlife Federation via inspection.

These horses belong to a paramedic just a mile away.

North Star Oasis

Sanders, Apache County

Astronomy Roadshow Observatory Project in Apache County, Arizona, USA

Laser writing is tricky, but fun when you get the hang of it.

Website updated October 2017.

Having helped to set up a public observatory in Canterbury, Kent UK, a desire arose to produce a different type of system under very dark skies.  As technology progressed in this field, it became possible to design a system that can be robotically controlled from anywhere in the world. Some details have been omitted for security reasons.

We want this to serve schools, individuals, students, and perhaps even support organisations such as NASA. As their satellites fail or need re-confirmation of discoveries, earth-based facilities are sought. This project is on-going and all the latest developments of this facility will be posted here. 

The land has several forms of habitat from green grass, trees, temporary river beds, to dry sandy soil and is home to many species. We are combining an interest in nature from the small critters scraping around in sand to the very large in the form of imaging galaxies billions of light years away - a 9.5 million sq ft wildlife sanctuary combined with astronomical research and promotion; a personal pursuit since 1982.


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