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July 2019; we now have a two tank system that is 50% larger than legally required. Large enough for two homes. A final inspection from St Johns council office took place in Aug 2019; passed.

Astronomy Roadshow Observatory Project in Apache County, Arizona, USA

Installing the septic tank was probably the most dullest job on the site but had to be attended to regardless. Quotes were obtained for over $14,000. Our neighbour, Wayne, just so happened to be a retired septic tank installer. He wasn't sure how much work was involved until the job commenced but we trusted him based on his work ethics. The final sum was one third of the quote.

We obtained the tank first from Home Depot in Show Low. We then discovered that the parts to connect pipes are not included and found out that they don't even supply them, Tractor Supplies did supply the parts but only if the tank was purchased from them... Strewth!

Ace Hardware supplied the relevant kit  without buying the tank... Phew!

Final phase; Aug 2019

Septic tank