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The North East corner; the row of trees in the distance virtually marks the far end. The district we live in the UK is called Milton Regis, this could fit onto the plot.

For our friends living in the Medway towns, the parcel of land is roughly 2.5 times the area of Gillingham Park.

The bottom wire is plain wire rather than barbed for the animals to pass under safely.

Astronomy Roadshow Observatory Project in Apache County, Arizona, USA

It is our responsibility to maintain the perimeter fence in order to keep out cattle. The ranchers don't want to loose animals here forcing them to start hunting around our property. The lower barbed wire has been partly replaced with a standard gauge wire. This allows smaller creatures to pass under without risk of injury.

Border marked in yellow;     nearest neighbour 2 miles away

perimeter fence

Left; Peter carrying out the first phase of repairs in August 2016. The lower wire on some of the fence has been replaced with non-barbed wire.

It is our responsibility to keep out cattle belonging to a local rancher; Bill Hiscox. These are wild animals, not to be approached as pets.