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Astronomy Roadshow Observatory Project in Apache County, Arizona, USA

To enable us to finance such an endeavour, we gained several good spending habits...

We constantly revise all our suppliers such as Insurances, Electricity, Gas, phone etc. We ensure we have the best deal possible. We were do this long before Martin Lewis became famous in this field.

We only purchase vehicles that are around 8 years old but in very good condition.

We never purchase designer clothes, latest phone, gadgets for the sake of them, or expensive furniture.

We purchase used furniture, older phones, used cameras, computers etc. E-bay and Amazon is where we do most of our shopping (other similar websites are available). For example we managed to obtain a used suite of quality genuine yew wood furniture worth around £3000 for £180.

When we eat out, we seek 2 for 1 deals and money-off vouchers.

Any loans, credit cards, Mortgage etc is always on the lowest interest rate possible - zero is what I constantly strived for. They are now paid off.

​All our bulbs are LEDs and parts of our home is permanently on Solar Energy.

​We totally ignore all sales pitches by phone or otherwise.

We never take advice from banks but do our own research and find much better arrangements. None of our investments are connected with banks or any other financial institutions. We get bored with 1-5% interest and only even become curious at 20% p.a. investments or more. Land purchase is one example if carefully selected; it can be carried out online from the UK.

We even have a book out related to this subject... Kindle version.


Pete Bassett with Terri McIntyre and the deeds to the property signed over. The bank that handled the Notary is in the background; Chandlers district, Phoenix, Arizona.