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This gives an indication of the seclusion in this region and the fun it has been. We never pass on an experience but prepared to take a chance anytime. That's what makes life exciting; making it predictable is rather boring.

The service road is six miles long and our site is at the very end; the last property before the Navajo Reservation. It is essentially a dirt track that is maintained a few times a year by the city of St John. The local property tax of just $122 a year covers our share. This is the only regular bill we are asked for. The electricity and water is free, and propane gas for cooking etc is almost free at $100 a year. 

This is also the road where I gave my wife her very first driving lesson back in 2009. I gave her several more lessons in Arizona and New Mexico. She took her test in the UK and passed.

the access road

When it rains here, it rains heavy. (Ignore the date / time stamp, the dashcam resorts to factory settings almost every time I turn it on).

Astronomy Roadshow Observatory Project in Apache County, Arizona, USA